Poker Sess.21 - To Cash Games

Launch all Mozillians to PDX for Mozlandia, an all-hands work week. A bit weird to have a hotel in your hometown, but it helped with the experience. Being downtown and having the poker itch, I played several nights at the Encore Poker Club. Since the socializing over swanky dinners went late into the nights, I didn't have the time commitment to register for any tournaments. Now that I've built a bankroll of over 20 buyins (+$4000), I've been planning on giving cash games a serious go.


Poker Session #29 - After Hiatus

A few months back, I wrote about planning on building a poker app for live tournament poker players. I started playing poker a lot in the summer, nearly every day after work (sprinting on the Marketplace Feed). I stopped writing about poker since I settled into a grind. For those months, I was in the top three at my local poker club for tournament points. I spent the time after work and tournaments to build out my poker app. As a web developer with an iPhone, I wanted to build my app with HTML5 but be able to dogfeed it. So I built the app as a hybrid mobile app using Ionic Framework. Using this, I then went to London to facilitate a session on building hybrid mobile apps at Mozilla Festival 2014. Afterwards though, I focused heavily on work and not doing much else. I broke the spell today, however, and went out to play a tournament after nearly a month in hiatus. placing first in a $1K guarantee tournament for $255.


It's the final table of the tournament. There are 8 players left. I have an above average size stack about 8 times the the size of the pot (M=8). I'm in early position, UTG+1, with JJ. I raise ~2.2x. It folds around to the BB. The BB is the chipleader, a southern guy who isn't much of a thinker. I just saw him 3bet shove over a shortstack with 99, and raise/call with KQo. He 3bet shoves, putting me all in.

After a few seconds of thinking, I called. I was getting 2.2:1 odds on my call (call 34k to win 71k), and guessed that it was good. I was willing to take the variance hit in order to secure a chip lead to take down the tournament. Trying to learn how to risk a probable cash-out to make a go for first place (reduce the ITM% to increase the ROI%). I said that I guessed 2.2:1 odds was good against his shoving range, so let's do the math and see if that checks out.


Nothing like a win to get things back on track. I went back to my bread-and-butter, the Saturday freerolls at the Final Table. Through the dozen or so times I've played these freerolls, I've amassed an insane ROI. After three hours of play, we chopped four ways for $260.

Building a Personalized Poker Buddy App

I have been thinking about building a personalized mobile app for myself to assist me in all things poker. I always try to look to my hobbies for inspiration to build and develop. With insomnia at time of writing, I was reading Rework by 37signals to pass the time. It said to make use of fleeting inspiration as it came. And this idea may click. The app will have two faces. A poker tracker on one side, and a handy tournament pocket tool on the other.


Poker Sessions #19 to #27 - Downswing

Since returning from a three-week personal/work/family trip in Florida, things have not gone too hot. Busted out of a $5K (-$80), out of a freeroll (-$60), a $3K (-$90), a couple of small $300s (-$90), a couple of $1500s (-$100), and a couple more $5Ks (-$160). That totals for a -$480 dip. Though I try not to be results-oriented.