More Happiness for Your Buck

With increasing assets, I have been thinking lately about what to purchase next, home purchasing, vacation planning, investment. You know, personal finances. Then I wonder how we spend in order to make ourselves happier. How can we use our money most efficiently to make ourselves happiest?

We have fine choices betweem 65" 3D plasma TVs, media-integrated BMWs and Audis, Tudor-style houses on the tree-lined avenue. Although we're all aware of the American Dream and although we might even consciously scoff at it, is it really ingrained in our heads enough to affect our purchases? Despite being aware of materialism, we still spend on items such as an Apple product upgrades or matching furniture sets. But really, compared to what we could potentially be allocating our money towards, are they really worth it?. Buck by buck, there are happier things to spend money on and happier ways to spend it.


Primed for Alaska with New Lens Kit

50% of the fun of travel is to take photos of objects that millions of people have already taken pictures of. My girlfriend and I have set the next destination to be Anchorage, Alaska. Telluride, Colorado came in a close second. Sochi came in last. The March mission is to capture the Northern Lights where the skies are in full bloom towards spring break. With the marvelling abundance of wintery nature and wildlife in Alaska, I had to come prepared. So I upgraded my camera lens kit, featuring a trio of Pentax Limited Primes.


T-Mobile offers an extremely competitive monthly no-contract plan: $30 for 5GB of 4G/LTE data, 100min. talk, and unlimited text. With hotspot, and after 5GB, data is rate-limited to 2G speeds. It's such a great deal, T-Mobile is keeping it hush, pushing it to the fine-print, and ordering hits on anyone shouting it from the streets. This plan is an online-exclusive and requires careful steps to acquire. But worth.


Summit Up Mozilla

Last weekend, Mozilla threw a extravaganza lalapalooza of global proportions for Mozillians (contributors and staff) across three different countries: USA (Santa Clara), Canada (Toronto), and Belgium (Brussels). This was #MozSummit 2013.


The Serenity of a 5pm Bedtime

We know of tangled sleep schedules, and we have all had your struggles with them. But sometimes sleep schedules can become so twisted, that they just happen to morph into something quite ordered. The figurative eye of a typhoon. Such was the case with my sleep schedule. One dawn, I took to bed around the wee hours of 7am with the expectation of only a couple hours shut-eye. After a short day, I fell into bed at 5pm. Then something quite magical happened.

I had stumbled upon a perfect sleep schedule. Love at first nap. Going to bed at 5pm and naturally waking up a bit past midnight.

The reversed day presents itself.