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Scrape the Internet! Our Python Soundcloud API

6 Nov 2011

It was a cold November evening in the bullpen at Oregon State University. uberj and ngoke were sipping tea and getting work done, when the idea of an impromptu hackthon came into our minds. At the strike of 5, we powered ourselves up into coding mode and set off to hack away at a Python Soundcloud API that would allow us to download music from the streams. Thus birthed soundcloud-dl.

We first attempted to use Mechanize to scrape the pages. uberj had previously used Burp to monitor what requests the browser was sending to Soundcloud and found that it was passing a “stream token”, which was needed to request the stream, and the song’s “uid”. And we figured we needed to have a valid cookie as well. Security by obsurity much?

We ran into a slight hitch. We were able to compose a valid URL with the stream token and the uid, but we weren’t able to print out the cookies. We had to enlist the help of thedjpetersen, the master screenscraper. It took him a bit to independently catch up to where we were (he found out on his own that we needed a stream token, but we already grabbed that). After a bit of frustration on trying to check out what cookies we had with every CookieJar known to man, thedjpetersen proclaimed that he had successfully gotten the URL.

We rushed to pull his commit and tried it on a Mord Fustang song…we had the script write the stream to a file, and we opened it in VLC…The song had a length! Except it wasn’t playing. We tried to play it on uberj’s machine…and it worked!. After a high-five session and a burst of gratitude to thedjpetersen, we went to look what he did. He found we had to request a page from a cross-domain, probably for cookies, and then scrape the stream. We went off to wrap everything into a neat package and add more functionality.

and thus soundcloud-dl was born