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Poker Sess.26 - Warriors Distraction

21 May 2015

Another Warriors WCF game, another night at the poker club. I had to wait over an hour for a seat yet again, but worth. Got a seat in a five-handed game, and we chopped the blinds five hands in a row. I knew this was going to be an extremely tight table, especially with everyone distracted with the game and autopiloting. Heck, it took everyone ten seconds every hand to look at their cards since their attention was to the screens. So I let loose and took down the blinds ($7) nearly every hand. I never lost a pot I was involved in, and eventually walked away +$180 after less than an hour. And Warriors won, good night.

Attack the Limpers

Every hand it was limped to me, I raised. Every hand folded to me on the button, I raised any two cards. $7 per hand adds up quickly, and no one adjusted. They were playing tight as if it was a 9-handed table, but they should have loosened up given it was 5-handed.

Pot Control Line

Again, I took the strong one-pair pot control line. It always works favorably for me. I raised QQ with a caller in the BB. Flop comes undercards T-high, I bet, he calls. Turn comes another T, not the best card if he was calling with a T. And barreling again would fold out everything worse. So I check-back and intend to either snap off a bluff or value bet from a weaker hand, or make a river bet after having shown weakness on the turn. He bluffs at it, and I take down the pot.

When to Leave the Table

I’m not 100% emotionally distant yet, from how down or up my session is going. If I’m up, then I subconsciously start to become protective of my winnings and play more timid. Once I notice that, I leave since I’m not playing 100%. In a cash game, each hand is a separate event, and it shouldn’t matter whether I’m up or down. So it’s not profitable to play when I’m playing with scared money. I just go home and be happy with the winnings.

On the flip side, when I’m down, I actually start to play more aggressive, and I find I’m profitable in that mode.