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Poker Session #18 - Jetlagged but Min-Waged

2 Apr 2014

Back from an overnight flight from AK with a healthy dose of lack-of-sleep with a drop of jetlag. Against better judgement, I headed to Final Table to play the 11am freeroll. It was one of the first times I played with my hoodie up, but it wasn’t to hide my poker face; it was to create a happy place where I could close my eyes. I cashed 5th out of 30 for $65. Interestingly, the owner of the club jumped in with a $200 bounty, stating his earnings would go to the dealers.

5:30am touchdown in PDX.

11am $200 Freeroll - 5th for $65

I played extremely tight and nitty. Being tired, I didn’t want to get myself into marginal situations. Though this made myself even more tired from the boredom of waiting for good hands in good positions, but I kept patience. People verbally caught on how tight I was playing but I wasn’t able to take advantage of that table image, not finding good spots to steal.

The $200 bounty on the owner caused a lot of action, action that you might find playing the best online casino games.

Busted with 77 vs 88 after 4 hours of play and my girlfriend waiting restlessly. $35 profit / 4hrs = $8.75/hr, good for minimum wage. Time to go get some Big Macs

Session Conclusion