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Poker Session #13/#14/#15/#16 - The Gauntlet

13 Mar 2014

I played Sunday at the Final Table, and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Encore. On Sunday, I played the freerolls, doing well as usual with a first and fifth place finishes. After work I have been playing everyday to practice for Saturday’s $50K tournament at the Encore. The competition is a bit tougher there, but I am tightening up my game little by little though I did not cash in any games this week.

Final Table 11am $300 Freeroll - 1st Place for $200

Not much to say here. Mostly because I don’t remember anything that happened.

Final Table 5pm $300 Freeroll - 5th Place for $45

I actually bought a stack, rebought, and added on for $45 so I came out with what I came in. This tournament was a little unfortunate as my T7o shove got called light by Q9o from the BB; his hand held and he ended up becoming a nuisance all the way to my bust. He got me again with 99 over 88. Then I started to get called light and had to limp into the final table.

Fortunately, three players were busted out in the first hand by 34o, and I mostly folded my way to the money. A mistake, I called a raise for most of my stack with 65o in a four-way pot to try to help bust someone out to get into the money.

Encore 8pm $1000 Guaranteed - Bust

There was a little spew from me going on this Monday night game. Don’t remember what happened except that I had gotten to the final table. I think I had lost a flip and went all in blind on the button with A7o. But I vowed to myself to tighten up my game walking home.

Encore 6pm $500 Guaranteed - Bust

I tightened up and went to the final table again. My last hand was a poor play where an aggressive player raised UTG, I held KQs, and elected not to shove for some reason. He shoved on a T8x board with 9Jo, I actually called with K-high, but got drawn out.

There was a good hand where I min-raised on the CO with A2s, got called by the BB. Flop came JJ2r. I cbet, he check-raises. I think if he had a J, he would slowplay one more street. I bluff catch the A turn and blank river. He shows Q9.

Encore 8pm $8000 Guaranteed - Bust

No mistakes this game except for the final shove. This played like a turbo, and at my loose table I wasn’t finding any good spots to shove my shortstack. I ended up shoving J7s with 7 to act, unfortunately player to my left had QQ. I checked the PushBot charts, and found shoving with J7s was not profitable at a loose table when I had an M of 3.5.

Session Conclusions