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Summit Up Mozilla

9 Oct 2013

Last weekend, Mozilla threw a extravaganza lalapalooza of global proportions for Mozillians (contributors and staff) across three different countries: USA (Santa Clara), Canada (Toronto), and Belgium (Brussels). This was #MozSummit 2013.

To quote, the Summit was us Mozillans’ opportunity to pause and celebrate who we are and all that we had accomplished. It was chance to meet other amazing humans, to connect, to dance, to build things, and to break them too. It was our moment to dig in and have fun.

I went to Santa Clara, not the most prototypical exotic place, but it was the people that made it not the venue. Santa Clara unified everyone to fight hard to enjoy our experiences; the suburban sprawl wasn’t going to do us any favors on that front. Here were my highlights from the Summit in Santa Clara.

As for down-lights? Going on a photo walk at 6:30am with 200 other photographers in Santa Clara. Even Ansel Adams wouldn’t be able to pull a keeper walking through the parking lots and highways of Santa Clara.

Mozilla Man

Mozilla Man.

After the Summit, I gained a bit of post-conference motivation to pump out some more FirefoxOS apps. I might have a bit of Mozilla mission kool-aid stewing around as well.