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Adelheid, an Interactive Photocentric Storybook

28 Nov 2014

Half a year ago, I built an interactive photocentric storybook as a gift to my girlfriend for our anniversary. It binds photos, writing, music, and animation together into an experential walk down memory lane. I named it Adelheid, a long-form version of my girlfriend’s name. And it took me about a month of my after-work free time whenever she wasn’t around. Adelheid is an amalgamation of my thoughts as it molds my joy of photography, writing, and web development into an elegantly-bound package.


A preview of the personal storybook I put together.

Design Process

As before, I wanted it to a representation of myself: photography, writing, web development. I spent time sketching it out on a notebook and came up with this. The storybook is divided into chapters. Chapters consist of a song, summary text, a key photo, other photos, and moments. Moments are like subchapters; they consist of text and a key photo. Chapters slide left and right like pages in a book, photos roll through the bottom like an image reel, moments lie behind the chapters like the back of a notecard, all while music plays in the background. Then I put in a title page at the beginning that lifts like a stage curtain.

It took a month of work to bring it to fruition, and it was at last unveiled as a surprise on a quiet night at Picnic Island Park in Tampa, Florida.

Technical Bits

With all of the large image and audio files, it becomes quite a large app. My private storybook contains about 110MB, as a single-page app! Well, that’s quite ludicrous. However, I made it easy for myself and had it intended to only be used as a packaged app. This means I don’t have to worry about load times over a web server since all assets can be downloaded and installed as a desktop app.

Unfortunately, it currently only works well in Firefox. Chrome was targeted initially but was soon dropped to decrease maintenance time and hit my deadline. There’s a lot of fancy animation going on, and it was difficult to get it working properly in both browsers. Not only for CSS compatability, but it currently only works as a packaged app for Firefox. Packaged apps have not been standardized, and I only configured packaged app manifests for Firefox’s specifications.

After the whole thing, I became a bit more adept at CSS3 animations. This included the chapter turns, image reels, and moment flips. Some nice touches were parallaxed images so the key images transitioned a bit slower to give off a three-dimensional effect. Also the audio faded in and out between chapter turns using a web audio library.

You can install the demo app at adelheid.ngokevin.com.