We have been building an increasing amount of Custom Elements, or Web Components, over at the Firefox Marketplace (using a polyfill). Custom Elements are a W3C specification that allow you to define your own HTML elements. Using Custom Elements, rather than arbitrary JS, encourages modularity and testability, with portability and reusability being the enticer.

Over the last several months, I worked on revamping the UI for the Firefox Marketplace. Part of it was building a custom dropdown element that would allow users to filter apps based on platform compatibility. I wanted it to behave exactly like a <select> element, complete with its interface, but with the full license to style it however I needed.

In this post, I'll go over Custom Elements, introduce an interesting "proxy" pattern to extend native elements, and then compare Custom Elements with the currently reigning Component king, React.


Poker Sess.23 - Easy Button

Back-to-back at Pete's 881 Club, looking to play more solid than the previous night. Called ahead and was told the place was full, so I watched some Mad Men to wait it out and headed in at 11PM. Literally takes less than a minute to get there. Got a seat, played for about 45 minutes, ended up +$280 in the green.

Again got some questions since I was a new face. Older Asian guy on my right notices, asks me about my ethnicity, and found we share the grand Vietnamese heritage. Exchange a few words in Vietnamese before I said "oh and English only at the table!", to which the dealer jokingly thanked me.


Poker Sess.22 - Fresh State

Happened to move in right next to a poker room in San Rafael, CA, Pete's 881 Club I'd been having the urge to reboot the poker. I went to check it out. And it's solid; there's no door fee, no rake, tight ship, and they run daily cash games until 2AM. The smallest game is 2/5NL ($500 buy-in). I haven't had much cash game experience and only played a few sessions of 1/2NL ($200 buy-in), but took a shot. Shook off the rust and headed out. 30-second drive, and a couple of hours later, I ended the session +$165.


Bay Area Apartment Hunting by Sun Tzu

Application filled, holding deposit given, $2300 cashier's check in hand. I was prepared to pop bottles and sign contracts. It had been a battlefield, the war for living space against the antagonist anonymous Padmappers. We surged upon open listings on the day they appeared yet we were always outflanked by a faster hunter who snatched them up within hours. But alas the end was in sight. for we believed we had finally found home in a hopeless place.


Poker Sess.21 - To Cash Games

Launch all Mozillians to PDX for Mozlandia, an all-hands work week. A bit weird to have a hotel in your hometown, but it helped with the experience. Being downtown and having the poker itch, I played several nights at the Encore Poker Club. Since the socializing over swanky dinners went late into the nights, I didn't have the time commitment to register for any tournaments. Now that I've built a bankroll of over 20 buyins (+$4000), I've been planning on giving cash games a serious go.