Using react-router with redux

I'm working on submission and reviewer tools for FirefoxOS add-ons, which I'd like to shout out is the most exciting thing to hit FirefoxOS yet. It'll enable a customization community as powerful as CyanogenMod yet be much more accessible.

For this project, I wanted to port our Flux framework from Flummox to Redux while using react-router. I always struggle with getting react-router to pass Redux-related context to the handler components. Having done this twice and running into many pitfalls, I am sharing my experiences to prospective struggle-bus riders.


Two years out of university, and my money is rotting in the bank through inflation. Money that could instead be be put to long-term investment to grow. At the beginning of the year, I was merely maxing my traditional 401K. That was easy since I simply had to plug in a percentage of my income through Fidelity. Though I could have stood to diversify and put in more. With /r/personalfinance as a jumping off point, my finances and portfolio have come a long way. Here's how.


Poker Sess.26 - Warriors Distraction

Another Warriors WCF game, another night at the poker club. I had to wait over an hour for a seat yet again, but worth. Got a seat in a five-handed game, and we chopped the blinds five hands in a row. I knew this was going to be an extremely tight table, especially with everyone distracted with the game and autopiloting. Heck, it took everyone ten seconds every hand to look at their cards since their attention was to the screens. So I let loose and took down the blinds ($7) nearly every hand. I never lost a pot I was involved in, and eventually walked away +$180 after less than an hour. And Warriors won, good night.


Poker Sess.25 - $5K Dance

Achievement unlocked! $5000 profit logged since playing live poker. A grindy +$130 session put me over the line as I controlled a four-handed table. Now I look at getting to $10K, and hopefully reaching there within half a year. I'm playing nightly after work, and it's healthy; it keeps me from burning out, and it gives me a reason to code something I need. So here comes another session of blogging. The only reason why I'm writing this post now and not playing is there weren't enough runners at 10pm at the club tonight.

Let me take a second to do a little dance: I've played 95 poker sessions (a tournament or cash game sitting), made $15K revenue with $10K investment, totaling out to $5K.


Return of the Pete's 881 Club. The poker addiction is Sidious. Last Friday after a night at Off the Grid, I went down -$110 in a 2/5NL cash game, a case of card-dead, but I lost the minimum, and it could have gone worse. Then on Sunday I played a deepstack tourney and dropped my -$120 buy-in, I was playing close-to-perfect but got sucked out on after someone tried a stop-and-go bluff. Tonight, I went up a +$500 buy-in in about an hour in the 2/5NL cash game. I admit I ran a little hot, but I'll take it as a reward for enduring the cold. And as usual, I always blog after a good night while ignoring the bad ones.

I walked into Pete's, an older Vietnamese regular yelled "ah, you go to school, then come here?" as I had my backpack. I had brought my laptop to work while I was waiting for a seat. The waitress also IDed me. #curryface.